September 15th, 2014


Right now, you are playing with your aunt Shelby while mommy puts up mountains of laundry. It’s awesome having a aunt only a few years older than you that way y’all grow up together close in age. Maybe one day, when the time is right; you’ll have a brother or sister that you can grow up with and teach them all the things that your aunts taught you including how to get away with cleaning up a mess of toys. I’m also in love with the fact you are really enjoying preschool. My little turkey is growing up to be such a smart young lady. 😍😭
But, you’ll always be momma’s baby.
I love you forever and always. 😘❤️

September 14, 2014. 12:00am


I didn’t get the chance to write here yesterday due to being at work all day. When you left to go to your dads yesterday morning, it broke my heart cause of how bad you didn’t want to go and wanted to stay with me. You clinging to my neck for life crying was not something I was prepared for when you left since you haven’t done that in a very long time. My nerves were calmed whenever your aunt called me telling me you was okay now but you still wanted me and her sending pictures of you smiling eating your ice cream made me feel a lot better while I was at work. One day you’ll understand that mommy has to work to be able to give you everything you need and want.
I love you with all my heart. 💕😘

September 11, 2014.

13 years ago I was sitting in my living room because school had been let out early due to the plane attack that crashed into the twin towers in NYC. Today, now we look and realize how much has changed since then. Some for the best while as others for the worse. All in all, take a moment to see who and what has been lost. Be thankful for what you have because like those on that very day, they lost everything and more. I am the daughter of a firemen and I worry every day he’s on duty, since you never know if he could be coming home that next morning. I am truly blessed for all that I have and will continue to pray for the individuals of 9/11 not just today but everyday that goes by.